From Transitions to Transformations.

I work with professional women dealing with career-related challenges and transitions, such as pivoting within the same organization, pursuing a new job, or starting a new business.

My mission is to inspire, champion, and support my clients to strategically and successfully manage career changes. My solutions focus on guiding clients to tap into their creativity and resourcefulness to produce an effective and executable plan that prepares them and boosts their confidence for the career change.

If you are ready for a positive career transformation or wish to navigate career transitions peacefully and gracefully, I’m here to help you. Together, we’ll turn uncertainties and challenges into profound possibilities and work toward a hopeful and thriving future.


“I have loved working with Peggy. There is something incredibly calming about her demeanour that allows me to open up and talk about the challenges I am facing. I started coaching with Peggy at a point when I was about to launch my new business and enter the entrepreneurial world. Although exciting, it was also pretty terrifying navigating through all the ancillary aspects of establishing a new business on my own. Peggy’s own transformation experience as well as her coaching qualifications helped me to feel understood and not alone! She gave me the confidence I needed to keep stepping forward and believing in myself. Such a wonderful coaching experience.”

– Frieda, Founder of Braving Boundaries

“Peggy was born to be a life coach! I started meeting with Peggy because things in my life felt stagnant and I didn’t know how to identify what was truly important and go after those things. She had a wonderful way of turning something that seemed complicated and overwhelming into simple and tactical action items that worked with my lifestyle. She combined an action-oriented approach with inspirational guidance to help me achieve my goals. I think what really sets her apart is her holistic approach and the compassion she has for her clients. She has given me the confidence and the tools I need to take on the world!”

– Min, Advanced Analytics Professional