Manifestation 101: Designing Your Life And Career

(An Ama La Vida free webinar on 9/9/21)

You are a powerful creator. Your inner world shapes your outer experiences. Manifestation occurs when you align your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions and practice them repeatedly. Your brain learns the information through repetition and creates new neural pathways that become the basis of your habits and reality. Join coaches Kristin and Peggy to learn the step-by-step process of using manifestation to turn an idea into reality and create your ideal life and career. They’ll show you how to: – Understand what manifestation is and why it’s powerful – Learn a step-by-step process to manifest your ideal life and career – Practice making it stick! Through repetition, you will start manifesting, and your brain creates new neural pathways that increase your ability to succeed – Rewire your brain through a visualization meditation.

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