My Cat Hustles.

Colonial is our beloved cat that is very passionate about food and could probably eat 24/7 if he had the option. Colonial pays close attention to what my husband and I are doing during the day. Every time we go into the kitchen, he follows. His ways of getting our attention include rolling on the kitchen floor to play cute, staring at us with his sad eyes, and meowing like he hasn’t eaten for days. The truth is, Colonial eats three full meals a day with 2 to 3 snack times in between. We follow a schedule to ensure that Colonial maintains a healthy weight, but we cave in once in a while because we can’t resist his charm. Colonial’s love for food is evident in his constant effort to show up every time we are in the kitchen (except when he’s sunbathing or napping). He demonstrates tenacity in his pursuit of passion. He hustles every chance he gets to satisfy his craving. If you love doing something or desire to follow a dream, think about Colonial. Show up consistently, be persistent, and don’t give up even when it feels impossible. 😉