Episode 14: Providing access to safety with Nina Barnett

Today, my guest is Nina Barnett, the founder, and CEO of Grooop. Grooop is an app that shares safety status among friends and family. It allows you to set up safe zones, create a community, and update your safety status to alert others if you need help. Grooop’s goal is to make safety more fun, inclusive, intuitive, and non-invasive. Nina started this business when she was in college, majoring in Physics and Acting, with a Math minor. She’s also a singer, songwriter, actor, and standup comedian in New York City. Nina is a multitalented woman and a great business founder. She will talk to us about how she started Grooop and share her advice for college students thinking about starting their own business.

To connect with Nina: 

Website: getgrooop.com

Instagram: @GetGrooop 

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