Episode 16: A personal conversation about sexual harassment with Nikki Larchar

I want to introduce you to Nikki Larchar, the co-founder of Define the Line. Define the Line makes sexual harassment training engaging through the use of story in a comic book format. Nikki is also the co-creator of their comic book training solution and trainer’s guide. She’s been a business owner since 2016 and has over 9 years of experience working in Human Resources. Besides asking Nikki to share her entrepreneurial journey, I’m talking with her about sexual harassment. A little spoiler alert, sexual harassment still happens even though most people are not working in the office due to the pandemic. Nikki and I also shared our personal encounter with sexual harassment in the workplace and discussed the guilt of not speaking up about the incident. The bigger goal of today’s episode is to keep bringing awareness to the issue and learning about the potential ways to deal with the situation. I hope this conversation will be helpful for you in some way.

To connect with Nikki –

Website: DefineTheLineComic.com

Instagram & Facebook: @definethelinecomic 

TikTok: @NikkiLarchar 

LinkedIn: Nikki Larchar or Define the Line

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