Episode 17: Making a difference through storytelling and promoting financial literacy with Lailanie Gadia

To celebrate the last day of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, I invited Lailanie Gadia to the show. Working alongside Asian American Documentary Network, Lailanie devotes herself to helping increasing AAPI’s visibility in the mainstream through storytelling. Lailanie is also a financial professional who helps people address their financial needs and set their future financial goals. She has a strong passion for supporting AAPI filmmakers. At the same time, it’s her calling to educate families and individuals on financial literacy. On top of all that, Lailanie is a short film producer. Prior to pursuing her passion, Lailanie worked in the corporate world for many years. She got laid off from her job in 2018 due to restructuring. Losing her job was difficult, but she successfully turned a challenge into an opportunity. She now lives a life that she loves and vows to make a difference in the community.

To connect with Lailanie:

Website: https://www.meetlailanie.me/

Instagram: @itslailanie https://www.instagram.com/itslailanie/?hl=en

Twitter: Lailanieg https://twitter.com/lailanieg?lang=en

LinkedIn: Lailanie Gadia https://www.linkedin.com/in/lailanieg/

Asian American Documentary Network’s 2021 Storytelling Initiative – Asian American Stories of Resilience and Beyond micro-documentaries are available on social media platforms: @aadocnetwork https://www.instagram.com/aadocnetwork/?hl=en

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