Episode 18: Using Design Thinking in Your Career with Natalia Tamburini.

A short episode featuring my fellow Ama La Vida coach Natalia Tamburini talking about Design Thinking. Natalia is a career and life coach at Ama La Vida. She was born in Buenos Aires but calls San Diego her second home. Her coaching approach is unique, as she blends elements of her background in psychology and design to creatively help clients navigate through life and career changes. She’s here to tell us about how Design Thinking is a useful tool for creating a great career and life.

To connect with Natalia –

Website: https://alvcoaching.com/

Design Thinking Blog: https://alvcoaching.com/blog/what-is-design-thinking-and-how-to-apply-it-to-your-career/

Instagram @natalia_tambu

LinkedIn: Natalia Tamburini

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