Episode 19: A modern non-alcoholic aperitivo for moments you want to remember with Lily Geiger.

I want to introduce you to Lily Geiger. Lily is the founder of Figlia, a modern non-alcoholic aperitivo created for moments you want to remember. 

Lily started her career working for Beautycounter in Los Angeles then a small boutique retail agency, working with clients like Summer Fridays, Heyday and APL. The experience working with new companies made her realize she would start her own business one day. Enter: Figlia!

In this episode, Lily talks about her path to becoming an entrepreneur and shares many valuable lessons and insights she’s learned along the way. 

She also shares the story behind Figlia, which explains her mission and the drive she has for the non-alcoholic beverage space. Losing her father to alcoholism when she was 20 years old, made a huge impact on the way she sees the world. 

And, of course, watching someone so close to her struggle with addiction made her more aware of the need for additional support and more non-alcoholic drink options on the market. 

She hopes Figlia will fill that need and raise awareness about alcoholism, too.

To connect with Lily –

Website: https://drinkfiglia.com/ 

Instagram: @Lily.Geiger 

Email: allears@drinkfiglia.com

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