Episode 2: “I don’t mind failing as much as I mind not trying.” – Lisa Hall

In this episode, my special guest is Lisa Hall, the co-founder and illustrator of Baby Ventures, a women-owned small business specializing in one-of-a-kind board books and artwork for young children. Lisa also founded Bohemian Creative Lifestyle, where she creates globally-inspired artwork on a variety of print products. Lisa shared the path she chooses to achieve her success and her valuable advice on pursuing your dream. She also talked about the concept of synchronicity and reminded us to find our own version of success. My favorite quote from Lisa is “I don’t mind failing as much as I mind not trying.” I hope Lisa’s down-to-earth wisdom inspires you and motivates you to start doing or continue to do what you love.

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To connect with Lisa:

Instagram: bohemiancreativelifestyle

Bohemian Creative Lifestyle https://bohemiancreativelifestyle.com/

Baby Ventures Books https://babyventuresbooks.com/

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Instagram & Facebook: mindful_sequences


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