Episode 20: Managing money, career, and motherhood with Janice Scholl.

Let me introduce you to Janice Scholl, a money and career break coach for professional women. Janice is passionate about illuminating the money and work-life challenges women face through the stages of motherhood. Through her work, she supports mothers in their quest to be financially empowered and use their skills while being fully present for their children. Janice is the Money, Career & Motherhood podcast host and a frequent speaker on motherhood & money, career breaks, and family finances. She’s also the founder of Strategic Sabbaticals, a program designed to amplify the growth and opportunity women find through a career break to ensure a successful return to paid work. Janice is here to share her story, as well as her advice for moms thinking about taking an extended career break. 

To connect with Janice –

Website: www.moneycareermotherhood.com

Instagram: @moneycareermotherhood

LinkedIn: @Janice Scholl

Janice’ Career Break Coaching Program – Strategic Sabbaticals: https://unique-pioneer-3327.ck.page/50ade65fd7

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