Episode 21: How to Avoid Burnout with Sara Dawson

Did you know burnout is now recognized as a medical diagnosis? Gallup, the management consultant company did a survey with more than 7,500 full-time employees, and 23 percent said they felt burned out more often than not.  An additional 44 percent reported feeling burned out sometimes.  So, basically, nearly two-thirds of full-time workers are dealing with burnout at some point while at work. Today, I have my fellow Ama La Vida coach Sara Dawson on the show to talk about this modern-day medical condition and what we can do to manage it. Sara is a health and career coach with Ama La Vida, and she wrote a blog about this topic that provided great tips. 

To connect with Sara –

Website: www.ALVCoaching.com

How to Avoid Burnout Now Blog: https://alvcoaching.com/blog/how-to-avoid-burnout-now/

To work with Sara:https://alvcoaching.com/team/sara/

Instagram @saratdawson

LinkedIn: Sara Dawson

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