Episode 25: An honest conversation about being a fitness professional with Alyson Young

Today’s guest is Alyson Young, a full-time movement professional in New York City who I became friends with when we went through an advanced yoga teacher training together. 

Alyson started as a dancer and fell into the fitness world as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer to pay her bills. At one time that meant working 7 jobs at once to make ends meet! 

She shares how she found a more sustainable path–one that allowed for some downtime AND gave her overworked body a rest! Plus, her thoughts on diet culture, how an undiagnosed eating disorder informs her perspective as a fitness professional, and advice to others interested in this career path.

It’s a great reminder that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness or creating a fulfilling and sustainable career.

To connect with Alyson – 

Instagram: @alysony199

Website: https://www.thetalenthack.com/me/alyson-young

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