Episode 26: Ironing out the kinks – The journey of entrepreneurship with Courtney Toll

Today’s guest, Courtney Toll, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nori, an innovative new steam iron, removing the hassle traditionally associated with ironing. 

She came up with the idea for the Nori press, which is loosely based on a hair straightener when she was living in a cramped apartment in NYC. She wanted to look her best but didn’t have room to set up an ironing board or deal with a steamer. So, she had to improvise–and that meant getting wrinkles out of her clothes with a straightening iron meant for hair. 

That spirit of innovation and determination to make things work has served her well on the path of entrepreneurship. As she explains in this episode, there are so many challenges, especially when you start a company during a pandemic. 

She shares what drives her, how she managed her risks with her risk-averse personality and gives some advice for others who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs, too.

To connect with Courtney – 

Website: www.nori.co

Instagram: @meetnori https://www.instagram.com/meetnori/?hl=en

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