Episode 27: Great leaders are made with Jen Maynard/Ama La Vida

Today we are talking about leadership styles. This episode is great for current leaders and aspiring leaders in the companies. The audio you are about to hear is taken from a webinar called Great Leaders Aren’t Born, They’re Made! Hosted by Jen Maynard, Ama La Vida’s leadership coach. Jen talks about two types of leaders – The Get Sh*t Done Leader and The People First Leader, and what their strengths and blind spots are. There is also an assessment associated with this topic. The information is meant to help people assess their own leadership style and learn what makes a great leader and the steps they can take to become one.  I really enjoyed this webinar, so I wanted to share it with you. 

Links: Leadership Styles Webinar (the complete version of the webinar with Jen Maynard/Ama La Vida) | The Leadership Style Assessment with ALV Coaching.

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