Episode 30 (end of season two): Making a Traveling Lifestyle a Reality with Kristin Vierra

Most of us have daydreamed about being able to take time away from our work and the other responsibilities to see the world. It might seem like a fantasy, but it’s pretty close to reality for today’s guest, Kristin Vierra.

Kristin is a digital nomad and a life and career coach at Ama la Vida. And while she didn’t leave all her responsibilities behind, she’s been able to make her work life fit into her traveling lifestyle.

Today, she’s telling us what that’s like–the dream and the challenges that come with it–and sharing some of her best tips and advice for life on the road.

We talk about:

*What Kristin’s day-to-day life is like when she’s traveling and working

*The logistics of a nomadic lifestyle

*How to decide what to pack for long trips with no set itinerary 

*Tips for staying safe while traveling abroad

*Advice for others who are interested in adopting this type of lifestyle

This episode is the last of Season 2. I’ll be taking a longer podcast break as I need some time to take care of myself and prepare for more content to share with you. Please be sure to sign up for my updates, so we can stay connected!

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