Episode 4: “The best medicine for any issue is to talk it through with someone you trust and has your back.” – Frieda Levycky

Today, my special guest is my friend Frieda Levycky, a professional life coach and a senior lawyer. Frieda has been a lawyer for more than 15 years. After experiencing suffocating levels of work stress that caused her health and personal relationships, Frieda decided to re-examine her life and turn things around. Frieda now runs her own legal consultancy firm (Levycky Consulting) and global coaching service (Braving Boundaries). Frieda is also a mental health advocate. Her mission is to provide other legal professionals a safe space to talk about the soft issues and plan and implement effective change to achieve a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. 

If you are dealing with a stressful career that compromises your health and relationships, I hope Frieda’s story will encourage you to open up and seek support. Remember that your well-being and connection with people you care about will matter the most at the end of the day. Enjoy today’s episode!

Listeners’ Action Item:

Think about what changes you need in your personal life and career and how are you going to approach these changes. 

I’d love to read about your thoughts and comments, so email me at peggy@mindfulsequences.com. 

To connect with Frieda: 

Website: www.bravingboundaries.com

Instagram: @bravingboundaries

Join Frieda’s FREE 3-day challenge: Bring Back Balance https://bravingboundaries.com/bring-back-balance/

Bring Back Balance is a short (3 days x 30 minutes each), fun, and easy self-paced challenge which focuses on reintroducing a bit of work-life balance back into people’s lives. 

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