Episode 5: “Find your voice and use it to do the right thing.” – Lauren Griffiths

In today’s episode, my special guest is Lauren Griffiths, an HR Professional and a change-maker who believes in the power of challenging the norm and sharing your true self at the workplace. Lauren talks about her experience with her LinkedIn post that went viral. She also expresses her view on why sharing who you are, being authentic, and showing vulnerability at work is beneficial. Lauren emphasizes that trust is built by being open and honest, not by wearing professional clothing, and she encourages everyone to find their voice and use it to do the right thing. 

Listeners’ Action Item:

Think about the corporate culture at your workplace. If there is one thing that you want to change, what would it be? And, how would the change benefit you and your colleagues?

I’d love to read about your thoughts and comments, so email me at peggy@mindfulsequences.com. 

To connect with Lauren: 

Blog: www.tosstheheadshot.com

Email: tosstheheadshot@gmail.com

LinkedIn: Lauren Griffiths https://www.linkedin.com/in/tosstheheadshot/

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