Episode 6: “That dream on your heart is meant to be shared with others.” – Katerina Kormas

My special guest is Katerina Kormas, a Mindset and Confidence Coach for Female Entrepreneurs. Katerina specializes in helping female entrepreneurs overcome their limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome mindset so they ignite the confidence to become fearlessly visible in their business.

Katerina was once an unhappy non-profit fundraiser and thought that she was incapable of feeling joy. Now, she is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who found joy in helping other female entrepreneurs step into confidence and be successful. Katerina said: “That dream on your heart is meant to be shared with others.” Katerina is sharing her dream of helping and serving others through her coaching business, and she hopes to inspire others to show up and share their dreams as well.

Listeners’ Action Item:

Think about the dream you have in your heart. If you could share anything with the world, what would it be?

I’d love to read about your thoughts and comments, so email me at peggy@mindfulsequences.com. 

To connect with Katerina: 

Website: Katerinakormas.com

Facebook and Instagram @truejoyexperience

Clubhouse: @katerinakormas

Katerina’s free offer: The Fearless Female Entrepreneur Mindset and Confidence Assessment https://view.flodesk.com/pages/5f9db1bad722c98ba3cded6e

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