Episode 9: “Clarity comes with action.” – Cathy Zhang

My guest for today is Cathy Zhang, the founder and designer of Easy Sunday Club, a collection of organic and playful original watercolor designs on paper products and baby goods.

Cathy has always loved art, but she followed the traditional route to do her MBA and landed what she thought was her dream job. She worked for the world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of athletic wear, which seemed great on paper, but left her feeling unfulfilled and depressed. She found solace in doing watercolor painting and later made a bold decision to leave her corporate job to start Easy Sunday Club. She has successfully turned her passion into a thriving business, and she’s here to share her experience and advice on finding passion and purpose in life.

To connect with Cathy: 

Website: www.easysundayclub.com

Instagram: @easysundayclub

Youtube Channel: Easy Sunday Club

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