To-Do or To-Be?

Are you into making lists? I am. I make a list for daily to-dos, what to buy at the grocery store, what to pack for a trip, what to read next, etc. I depend on my list to ensure everything gets done, and I gain a sense of satisfaction when I check things off. Does that sound familiar to you? Lists are great to keep us organized. In a way, lessen the stress by not forgetting something. I’m curious, do you do the same with your personal goals and visions? Do you make a “to-be” or “to-accomplish” list and check it twice to make sure that your inspirations and aspirations are all captured? We get super-inspired in one moment and set new goals and visions, but as soon as we move on to meet the demands of our busy lives, we quickly leave it all behind. Our goals and visions are important to us, so wouldn’t it make more sense to write those out every day? If we don’t, we most likely will put those on the back burner or completely give up. For example, if your goal is to do better at taking care of yourself, shouldn’t you make a list of self-care activities and put it on your calendar to make that happen? If your vision is to do work that aligns with your values and passion, wouldn’t writing down your desires and scheduling time to research help you get closer to where you want to be? Writing things down gives your goals and visions the power to come alive. Also, the action of writing enables our brain to prioritize, focus, and take action. If you google “the benefits of writing things down,” you’ll find plenty of articles on this subject. I want to invite you to start manifesting your goals and visions, big or small, using a to-be list. Record it in your planner, journal, or diary, on paper or electronically, doesn’t matter. If you feel you don’t have anything specific that you want to achieve, then write out your intention for the day or how you want tomorrow to be. Be as detailed as you can and do it as often as possible (ideally, every day!). Start making your to-be list daily and experience the positive impact that comes your way!

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