Hi, I’m Peggy, an ex-corporate worker turned certified life coach and yoga teacher. I support professional women who want to align their careers with passions and core values to clarify their visions, move beyond the self-limiting beliefs, and take action to build a purposeful career. I also teach yoga and meditation to busy adults who wish to connect their minds and bodies and feel relaxed after a long day. To practice yoga with me or let me help you discover your full potential to create your best life, please get in touch!


May you recognize your full potential and create your best life!

🖤 Do you want to take your career to the next level or pursue a new career endeavor, but not sure how and where to start?
🖤 Do you feel overwhelmed at work or stuck in your career but don’t know how to restore balance or get un-stuck? 
🖤 Are you frustrated about not being seen and heard at work, and want your talent and voice to be noticed and valued?
🖤 Are you an aspiring entrepreneur currently in the corporate world and thinking about starting a business that aligns with your passion, but fearing risks associated with stepping out of your career comfort zone?

If your answer is yes, you are not alone, and your fears, doubts, and frustrations are real. The tough question is, do you want to continue to stay where you are despite knowing that your career is not fulfilling and purposeful, and you have yet to realize your full potential to live your best life? If sitting in your career comfort zone is no longer comfortable, and you are ready to confront your fear and take action to align your career with your passions and core values, I’m here to help you. My coaching process concentrates on developing strategies and producing actionable steps that work for you. As a result of our sessions, you’ll gain clarity on career goals, learn to move beyond self-limiting beliefs, and get into action to create a personal and career transformation that leads to your ideal life.


What is Life Coaching?

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May your practice relieve your body, soothe your mind, and uplift your spirit.

I mainly practice and teach Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin yoga and work with students on building a strong mind-body connection. My intention for each class is to help students feel refreshed and balanced after they step off the mat.

I believe in respecting our bodies, trusting our intuitions, and having compassion for all beings, including ourselves. Be aware of postures that induce distress, be curious about intuitive movements that bring ease, and be kind to ourselves even if we can’t achieve certain poses. Maintain a consistent practice and honor the progress will cultivate exponential growth that manifests over time.